Load Clapy in your file

Once you have installed the plugin, open a Figma file containing the design you want to code where you have editor rights, and load Clapy.
Important: You need to have the editor role in the Figma file where you will use Clapy.
If you are not an editor, ask someone with the editor role to click on the "share" button in the top-right corner of your file, and update the dropdown menus from "Can access" to "Can edit".
Update editor role in Figma
A workaround is to duplicate the Figma file. As owner of the copy, you can open plugins. But you won't get updates from the original file. Don't use it in productivity workflows!
Once you have the editor rights, click on the Resources icon next to the Text icon, then open open the Plugins tab, hover the plugin Clapy and click Run .
Figma has made it easy to find and run plugins within the interface
You can also load Clapy by right-clicking on the canvas of the file > Plugins > Clapy