Here is what changed this week on Clapy.

Breaking changes

  • To generate the code for a page and stretch to the whole page, you need to check the new option: "Full width/height". Previously, it was assumed from the layout of the parent element, but was undesired in some cases.

New features

  • New option: Full width/height.
  • New option: SCSS (experimental). It generates SCSS files instead of CSS. As of now, only the extension changes with this option. Please let us know for more changes!
  • New option: SCSS > BEM conventions. It indents class names in SCSS files.
  • Generate code when a Component Set is selected in Figma. All components in the Component Set are generated as if it was a Frame.

Bug fixes

  • The layout of SVG elements have been fixed in specific cases
Any feature you would love to find in Clapy? Happy to discuss it!
Last modified 11mo ago